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What does the New Year mean to you?

Updated: May 20, 2020

· How did you fare in 2019?

· How does it compare to other years within the last decade?

· How has your life changed within the last 10 years?

· Going forward what changes do I want to see for myself?

Some of what stops us from making changes….

· Fear of being outside our comfort zone

· Procrastination

· Imposter Syndrome – “Who do I think I am”?

· Difficulty in breaking well worn habits

· Inability to express values and beliefs

Measuring happiness is not easy. We need connection to survive so creating and maintaining relationships is key to happiness and fulfilment.

Many of us feel isolated and sad at this time of year. Families may be fragmented, relationships broken down. Without support and the tools to help you change, this can result in mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression and low self worth .

Expressing thoughts and feelings can be difficult for some, having learnt in earlier times to keep emotions inside.

Talking and sharing feelings with others has a positive impact on mental health. The profile and awareness of Mental Health has become much more prominent this year. Emotional support is much more accessible.

There needs to be a desire to change. It can be painful to face feelings head- on but once you begin the journey, you won’t look back.

How to make changes?

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to reach out to a friend, a family member, a GP, a Teacher, a Counsellor. This may be the first step in facing feelings you have suppressed. Allowing vulnerability into your life is a strength

Opening yourself up can be difficult at first – you may feel flushed, feel shamed and put yourself down; power-on through. Over time these changes will help you to form new habits.

Recognise that reaching out to others will support you to create change. Becoming more assertive gives you the power to make the changes you want to see.

How can I become emotionally strong?

· Stay close to your values and beliefs

· How well do the people in your life know the real you?

· Be communicative with others.

· Build a network of emotional support in times of need?

· Remember vulnerability is a strength and shows others your sensitivity. They too will feel able to open to you.

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