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National Growing for Wellbeing Week

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

National Growing for Wellbeing Week

1st- 7th June

This week is National Growing for Wellbeing Week which is set up by a company called Life at No.27. It is a celebration of the health benefits that gardening and growing your own produce can have on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

During lockdown, I am sure a lot of you have experienced how being outdoors and in the open space has become a haven of peace and tranquility, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. We have been forced to enjoy the littler things in life that we often take for granted, like the beautiful nature that is on our doorstep, the birds chirping in the morning, or the feeling of fresh air on a long walk. Taking time out of our day to appreciate the local environment has become part of our routine. It’s this connection to nature and life that enables us to feel calmer, more aware and in tune with our thoughts.

As we care for our seedlings, take time to notice your own needs. Has a new habit emerged that makes you happy? I love my early morning walk, it sets me up for the day by giving me time to think as well as being at one with nature.

In prep for our ‘new normal’, are there particular changes you would like to make that support your personal growth. If you have benefited from working at home, is there scope to create a more flexible working approach? Without a commute you have bought back time, so how might you use it? Taking care of yourself is a requisite for good mental health so if that new habit is helpful, keep it!

Reducing Levels of Anxiety

Research confirms that engaging with mindfulness and being at one with nature aids the reduction of anxiety and depression.

Gardening can help us through the more challenging moments, helping to restore balance when it feels like the scales are about to tip. Not only is it fantastic physical exercise which releases endorphins, boosting our mood, but it is also a brilliant way of building self-confidence, connecting with yourself and nature, and provides an opportunity to meet new, like-minded people. Gardening allows you to step out of your comfort zone and put your mind to something creative; it is extremely rewarding, and you get to enjoy the final product. Try listening to a podcast or music at the same time, it might just take you away to another place!

There are many ways in which you can get started, and you don’t even need a garden; many plants thrive on sunny windowsills! There are lots of local nurseries now open where you can find a variety of plants and produce to grow. No doubt you will enjoy the wonderful sense of accomplishment gardening brings, as well as providing a relaxing distraction.

As we very gradually start moving into our ‘new normal’, what positives will you take with you from appreciating nature, that will benefit you in the long run? Don’t worry about how or when you want to start, but it’s important to remember the benefits it could have on your life. After all, “it’s not what you grow, it’s how YOU grow!

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