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Understanding Anxiety

Updated: May 20, 2020

Is your anxiety a response to uncomfortable thoughts that you would prefer to avoid? Whilst a certain amount of anxiety can be helpful - maintaining our adrenaline and spurring us on to achieve. When it interferes with our daily functioning we know that something is just not right.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a symptom of worrying

Although we may be aware of the triggers for worry, worrying can become a habit until understanding anxiety better, we are unaware we have the power to push away our negative thoughts.

When feelings of anxiety overwhelm we feel out of control and this can be frightening. e.g. fear of panic attacks

Bodily Sensations may include:

Thumping chest and palpitations

Hot and sweaty

Blurred vision




Distracted from what is going on in the present

Feeling negativity in many situations

Isolating oneself

Mind busy - unable to appreciate just being in the present

Distracted from communication with others

Catastrophizing – thinking worst case scenario


Lacking self belief

Feeling uncertain



Unable to turn the dial down on negative talk in our head

Not in control of emotions


Become angry quickly

Agitation caused by a busy mind with an inability to relax

What maintains anxiety?

Distortion of our thought processes, maintaining negativity and overwhelm

Avoidance in facing fears by shutting down emotions

What can I do to reduce anxiety?

Learn to distract yourself from negative thinking

Consider the following questions

What evidence do I have to support my thoughts?

What evidence do I have against my thoughts?

What is the impact of thinking the way I do?

Does it help or prevent me from getting what I want?

Some Healthy strategies

Aspects of Mindfulness such as meditation, deep breathing exercises that focus on being in the present(Apps such as headspace)




Positive self-talk

To break the negativity of mental worry and anxiety, it helps to be aware of the impact of our spiralling thoughts feelings and behaviours.

Focus on your wins when you are able to distract yourself from your anxiety and repeat what worked. It takes little time to get into negativity but a lot longer to break a learned habit.

Seeking Help

If you feel your anxiety is taking over your life, it helps to talk to someone:-

Visit your GP

Seek Counselling

Talk to a family member or friend

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