Social Anxiety

Do you feel judged by others?

Hiding what was potentially humiliating like  bullying at school can bring on shameful, hurtful  memories which we experience both in body and mind.


Perhaps you grew up in an insular family that did not socialise. Like sponges, we absorb our families ways  without realising that a core belief is forming inside us.  We don’t always learn from our parents how to be forgiving


Do you compare yourself to others, always feeling you are being watched or judged?

Shame brings with it humiliation, facial blushing, stomach dropping as well as social mortification.


What turns that one time shock into social anxiety?  

Anxiety makes us feel better in the short term. and anxiety goes away temporarily. Whilst it is understandable to think we will feel better by avoiding a painful memory, it actually perpetuates all types of anxiety.


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